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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Three days in Bandung

Two weeks ago my friend came to Bandung, my friend from Poland, her name Aga. she has come to Indonesia for three weeks. she embarked on a journey to Lombok, Bali, Malang, Jogjakarta and finally Bandung. Aga actually visited my roommate called Lulu. Aga come to Bandung for three days.

   The first day, we were invited to my university for a walk and lunch, at 1 p.m. We decided to go to the second destination is Saung Angklung Udjo. We waited for the bus for 1 hour, we were using of bus Cicaheum-Jatinangor, and we have to paid 5000/person. After that we were using public transportation until Padasuka price of public transportation1500/person or you can walk up to Padasuka. From Padasuka we used motorcycles to get to Saung Angklung Udjo. Saung Angklung Udjo located in eastern Bandung, West  Java. Saung Udjo angklung (SAU) established in 1966 as an angklung art production center by Udjo Ngalegana and SAU is one of the stop cultural workshop, consists of: perfomance venue, bamboo handicraft center and bamboo instrument workshop. SAU also training center to Sundanese culture. SAU place for cultural heritage that is be Able to survive in the midst of Globalisation. Oh yes, in Saung Angklung Udjo has been home for Sudanese finest handicrafts with bamboo handicraft and souvenir shop has to match.ticket price for entrane 60,000 for local and 100,000 for tourist. We can see perfomance art and culture, the show is perfomed at everyday start at 3:30 pm and we enjoying for one hours perfomance.
angklung orchestra
Sundanese Art and culture perfomance:1. Marionette puppet demonstration (puppet demonstration)2. helaran
3. traditional dance4. angklung orchestra5. arumba and the other Sundanese perfomanceAnd the end the show, the visitors can learn how to play angklung and then playing together. After that the visitor to join the perfoming children to dancing together.       The second day, we were invited Aga to go to the white crater , Ciwidey Bandung, West Java. We left home at 9:00 am we were using the bus Damri Dipatiukur-Jatinangor . we were down in the Kopo and we paid Damri 5000/person. From Kopo, we were using public transportation to the terminal Ciwidey with 7000/person. After arriving at the terminal Ciwidey, we still have to use public transportation to the white crater, we managed to make a deal with the price of public transportation drivers to get a cheaper price. Finally we rent at the rate of public transportation to get to the terminal 24000 Ciwidey back.
       Ticket price for entrance 15.000 for local and 30.000 for tourist, but remmember this price just for weekdays. When I got there, we saw beautiful scenery, but unfortunately there was full of visitors, there is an interesting thing Aga to be an artist in the white crater because many people who want to take pictures with  Aga. Because the rules are forbidden to linger in the white crater. We are given a time of 15 minutes to enjoy the beautiful scenery. we finally returned to the terminal Ciwidey. Trips away with the rainy weather caused us to get stuck in the terminal Ciwidey. After a long wait for the rain to stop, around 16:00 we went to back home. Throughout the trip, the weather was still raining, and causing almost all of the access road got traffic jam and flooding. Finally we got home at 21:00, wow a long journey and enough tiring that much we spent on the trip.
Aga to be artis

       The third day
Aga it was the last day in Bandung, Aga asked us to accompany her to buy some souvenirs. because Aga got a flu finally we were invited Aga to walked in the streets near our house, after that, we accompany Aga to went  to the tour and travel agency to buy a plane ticket back to Malaysia. Aga finally got a plane ticket, the ticket schedule at 21:00. Once we got presents after that we went back home to packing. Aga had to leaved from Bandung 1 p.m. so as not to miss the plane and given away a trip to the airport of Soekarno-Hatta Bandung. Enjoyable experience for us all, especially for Aga, Aga we will miss you and see you soon. thank you very much for all :) 

so this is price list:
-Day 1
  • bus transportation  Cicaheum-Jatinangor: 5000/person
  • public transportation : 1500/person
  • ticket entrance : 100.000 (tourist), 60.000 (local)
-Day 2
  • bus transportation Jatinangor-Bandung : 5000/person
  • public transportation until Terminal Ciwidey: 7000
  • public transportation until White carter : 12.000
  • ticket entrance : 30.000 (tourist), 15.000 (local)
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